When your used to dressing like a multi coloured walking rainbow
it's nice to just strip it back and pull out a colourless ensemble.

Which brings me to today's rant starting with these pants.
Sooo I did the unforgivable yesterday. I bought something from Zara.
When i saw these pants glittering in the shadows i just had to buy. Why? 
Because they are a complete rip off of a pair of pants i had ages an ages ago that i got in Europe and of course ruined while partying, standard story for my wardrobe
( i really must cut it sick with my moves on the dance floor haha)
Pretty much the only good thing about these massive department stores, is they always rip off the good shit and so just when your about to breakdown and cry (as i did) because you destroyed your fave something something- NEVER FEAR you can get a copy!
Shit, their design team have got it easy. No need for creative juices when applying for a job, 
just copy cat qualities and your hired!

This is one good reason to support us young independent boutiques.
We have fresh new designs, no copies- all original idea's.
They got all the money but we got all the style-Take that multimillion companies you bunch of uncreative fucks!
ok ok end rant.

 +Wearing: Therese Rawsthorne jacket, I.d.s black tank, Zara pants, OS Accessories worship choker,
I Envy Alex fears clutch, Hat from Byron markets, Abe & Sara vintage sunnies,
Beasts of Peace and Culet assorted rings.

OS, I Envy Alex, Beasts of Peace, Abe & Sara and Culet are all available in store now.

And its friday- you know what that means...
My alcohol intake is about to get fierce!!!
ohhhh yea..

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