our OS Accessories delivery came..!!!!!
Every time a package comes im like a kid a christmas- i rip it open with my bare hands
and sometimes teeth (yea im dramatic) and pretty much pee
myself with excitement trying everything on.

This too me me is what buying is all about.
If you don't pee yourself with excitement when your 
A). looking at the lookbook
B). get the delivery
Then really whats the point of getting in your store? 
Customers wanna be excited, not bored..
So this is my mission for EVERY buying season im going to only get 
things that are real fierce and i know you peeps 
will have a shit attack over.

+Wearing: silk tee, Black jeans, OS accessories spinal cord harness.

All OS accessories pieces available in store now. 
+STRANGLE neckpiece


+FANGS leather cap

+OVERBITE leather cap & HOOF neckpiece (left)

+assorted necklaces

+SPNAL CORD leather & chain harness

 +KNUCKLES triple finger ring

We just received the OS VOL 3 lookbook
and fuck me- its amaze! 

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