Don't you just hate it when fashion causes pain?
I started off wearing the massive OS "Hoof" neckpiece but due to excessive gym workouts trying
 to get  anno for my friends wedding 
and me thinking im fking pop-eye an can bench press 7kg when really i can only do 2kg, 
i have an extremely sore neck, so swapped for the more simple silver necklace.
Man the shit us woman put our bodies through for the sake of looking good!

p.s getting the train this morning wearing this was super fun...NOT.
bloody cookie cutters and their creepy stares.

 +SAFARI SALE//: Featherhead purse clutch- 40% off till friday!

+MASKARADA//: we still have a few left of these popular lil beauties!

 +Wearing: Vinatge leopard jacket, self made black scarf thingy, i.d.s acid tank, cheap jeans, 
Featherhead clutch purse, OS accessories neckpiece, Maskarada necklaces.

SAFARI SALE ends tomorrow- make sure you pop in store or hit us up on facebook (if you live interstate) to receive 40% off selected items.

New themed capsule sale starts on Saturday 11th Sept.
Whats it gonna be...??
You'll have to wait and see

Peace out fuckers 

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