I know i love dressing in theme but this weeks theme of " Dapper & Slapper"
well was a lil out of my comfort zone as the "slapper" clothes were promoting are not trashy and slutty as most ppl might think at first but rather more sexy with style- think short mini's and anything really that shows off the legs. 
And considering im a 27 yr old woman with a bit of junk in my trunk 
there is NO WAY IN HELL im gonna pop on a dress thats above my thighs.
It looks hot on you young lil babes but on me- 
well fuck i'l frighten young children wearing that shit.

So today iv gone more Dapper.

+Wearing: Kings of Carnaby men's merc suit jacket, Mok Theorem dusty pink shirt,
Nay Yan necklace, American Apparel pants, None the Richer clutch.


All ladies short & sexy mini's and dapper menswear.

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